Gift Wrapping

Band4Hopes can now be purchased individually gift wrapped. Present your Band4Hope gift in style & let us take care of the gift wrapping. We can even include a personalised note if you want us to post directly to your friend.

Band4Hope wrist band gift wrapped with large envelope hope tag wing sticker postcard wristband personalised letter

We offer a super convenient & personalised gift wrapping option. Simply tick the checkbox for gift wrapping when adding Band4Hopes to your cart. You’ll receive Band4Hopes ready to give personally or post to your friends & family. Alternatively we can send orders directly to an address you specify and even include a personal note that you can compose on the checkout page.

Band4Hope wrist band package Gift Wrapped hope tag wing sticker postcard wristband personalised letter

Band4Hope wrist band on personalised letter

A signed letter is also included, describing the project and what to do next. We leave packages unsealed in case you would like to add anything.

Band4Hope personalised letter

A Band4Hope is not something you keep forever. It is a free travelling spirit that journeys beyond you.

Band4Hope wrist band package with wristband hope tag wing sticker postcard personalised letter

Included with each Band4Hope wristband:
> Signed letter describing how the project works
> Band4Hope postcard [instructions]
> Wing sticker
> #IHopeThatInMyLifetime tag
> A great handful of hope

Band4Hope wrist bands production line ethical wrist candy

Band4Hope production line, ethical wrist candy rearing to spread lots of hope!


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