5 x Band4Hope Wristbands


Only £12 each when you buy 5!  #4Hope

Ethically hand crafted copper and zinc wrist bands, made with love in Zimbabwe. Each one is engraved with a unique ID enabling them to be passed from person to person and tracked online via a map, encouraging acts of kindness and raising donations for your chosen charity for years to come.

A modern day message in a bottle… Hope spreading wrist candy!

[One Size Fits All + Unisex + Not-for-Profit]

Hopeful? Read more below…

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> Not-for-profit
> 100% proceeds to good causes
> A gift that keeps giving
> Wear, enjoy, then pass it on
> One size fits all
> Track journey online
> Encourage acts of kindness
> Gathers donations forever
> Ethically handmade in Africa
> Supports Zimbabwean families
> Inspired by African tribes
> Empowering copper & zinc
> Free delivery worldwide
> Gift Wrapping available


Dear hopeful…

Band4Hope.com is a nonprofit social initiative which exists to inspire acts of kindness and raise funds and awareness for charities through trackable wristbands called Band4Hopes.

Band4Hopes are ethically handcrafted copper and zinc wristbands from Africa where the project helps to support over 80 men and their families. Their design is inspired by the bone cuffs of the Himba people of Namibia.

A Band4Hope is not something that you keep forever. It is a free travelling spirit that journeys beyond you. You just look after it until you meet the right person to pass it on to. That person could be anyone; a stranger who has inspired you, a loved one who needs some hope or maybe a friend about to go travelling.

Each Band4Hope is engraved with a unique ID which enables them to be tracked online. As your Band4Hope passes from person to person, you can watch its journey around the world online on a map. All Band4Hopes are exactly the same size as one size fits all! You can open and mold them to fit your wrist. This way you can pass on your Band4Hope to anyone when you’re ready.

The catch is that before anyone passes on your Band4Hope they must carry out an act of kindness or they can make a small donation to your chosen charity. In this way, your Band4Hope gathers miles, history and donations for years to come. It’s like sending out a message in a bottle that starts a ripple of hope!

Who can tell where your Band4Hope will travel and what wonderful things will take root and grow, but as it does so, you can follow the positive impact of your one act online. Spreading hope and connecting threads across the world!

Start your journey by entering the unique ID at Band4Hope.com. If you’re the first, name your band and choose which charity you’d like it to support on its travels. We’re fresh and new and trying to make good things grow. Thank you for helping us in our hope spreading mission.

With much hope,

Signed by Lachie & Lucie x

Lachlan & Lucie


Included with each Band4Hope wristband:

> Signed letter describing how the project works

> Band4Hope postcard with instructions

> Wing sticker

> ‘I hope that in my lifetime…’ hope tag

> A great big handful of hope! x



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